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Famous for fifteen minutes! Paul Mex co-presents weekly music TV show

October 2014, Paul Mex starts co-hosting the weekly music show Under The Radar with journalist and broadcaster Jeff Hemmings, on Latest TV, featuring music from artists you might not have heard of, but should have!

Sticky Marketing by Grant Leboff

Sticky MarketingSales and marketing guru, Grant Leboff’s best selling business book ‘Sticky Marketing’ references Paul Mex in its opening chapter, as he introduces the author to a new idea of thinking via the Sex Pistols.

Extract courtesy of Grant Leboff and Kogan Page Limited

© Grant Leboff, 2011

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Latest Art - Paul Mex written article challenging art rebellion against rock’n’roll!

Latest ArtBack in 2006 Paul Mex was asked to write an article for the Latest Art magazine, challenging whether art was the new rock’n’roll.

You can read here what he had to say on the subject.

Extract courtesy of Latest Art

© The Latest, 2006

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Paul Mex talks about the early days of recording George Michael

It was with deep sadness to hear about the passing of George Michael on Christmas Day, 2016.

He was a wonderful man and tremendous musical talent, taken from this earth far too young and soon.

Paul Mex had the pleasure of recording George in the formative Wham! years during the early 80s.

In this extract taken from the BBC Radio 2 series 'Classic Singles', originally broadcast in 2007, Mex talks about the early days of Wham! and Michael's eminent song, 'Careless Whisper'.

© BBC R2, 2007

Porky’s Prime Cuts by George Peckham

Porky's Prime CutsLegendary mastering engineer George Peckham, responsible for cutting classics by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple and countless others, recalls a particularly tricky project undertaken back in 1981 for Paul Mex, in his fabulous autobiography.

Extract courtesy of George Peckham and Apcor Books

© George Peckham, 2018

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